Speaker Cable

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Speaker Cable

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  • 120 strand, bare copper, 12 AWG dual conductor
  • PVC insulation around each conductor
  • Neoprene jacket
  • Made with gold G&H Megafoot plugs

This product is built-to-order and has a 2 week lead time from the time the order is received.

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Unique Concept & Design

We chose to go big or go home on this one with a simple yet substantial design. With one hundred and twenty strands of bare copper per conductor, this dual conductor speaker cable is a power house. Made up of two twelve gauge conductors it is not only durable, but transfers the tone you’ve worked so hard to craft accurately to your speaker.

We decided to go with 12 gauge conductors because having larger conductors does not inhibit lower power output and it also allows for higher power outputs. With the capacity of 300 volts, this speaker cable is versatile for a variety of applications

Speaker cables come stock with gold contact, G&H Megafoot Connectors. The G&H connectors have a solid copper core which delivers the best and most direct contact. They are 100% made in the USA and have an extremely durable designed casing. Each speaker cable is soldered by hand, assembled by hand, tested and inspected by a real person, bagged by hand, and is worth a high five every time you order one.