Pro Instrument Cable


Pro Instrument Cable

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  • 41 strand, bare copper conductor
  • Polyethylene insulation
  • Semi-conductive insulation layer
  • 95% coverage, tinned copper, double Reussen shielding
  • Proprietary ULTRA-FLEX jacket
  • Made with adhesive lined heat shrink
  • Made with all gold G&H Bigfoot plugs

This product is built-to-order and has a 2 week lead time from the time the order is received.

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Unique Concept & Design

We revised the design of our instrument cable until we got it exactly the way we wanted it and discovered some cool things along the way. We have a proprietary outer jacket coupled with a double Reussen shielding to create the most durable yet flexible cable on the market today. What is a double Reussen you ask? Let’s start with what “single Reussen” shielding is first.

Single Reussen shielding is the technical term for spiral shielding that all wraps in one direction for the length of the cable. We have two layers of this shielding but they wrap in opposite directions causing the cable’s natural tendency to lie flat and straight on the stage. When you combine this with our “ULTRA-FLEX” jacket you have the perfect combination for a flexible, durable, & low-noise cable.

The Pro Instrument Cable comes stock with all gold, G&H Bigfoot connectors. The G&H connectors have a solid copper core which delivers the best and most direct contact. They are 100% made in the USA and have an extremely durable designed casing. Each Pro Instrument Cable is soldered by hand, assembled by hand, tested and inspected by a real person, bagged by hand, and given a thumbs up as they go out the door.